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Yevo International has a simple mission: To Solve The Global Nutrient Deficit Crisis with great tasting foods that contain the 43 essential nutrients that we all need every day. Protein, vitamins, minerals, omega-3s and more.

How? By educating the world about the importance of essential nutrients, and then empowering people to take control of their lives by making it easy for them to get the essential nutrients they have to have.

We've created a few simple, easy, and affordable products, which are sustainable and non-GMO, that deliver all 43 essential nutrients in each meal. They're easy to incorporate into your daily life through our 43 for Life Plan.

Each Yevo Contains 43 Essential Nutrients:

  • 12 Essential Amino Acids - (Forms High Quality Protein)
  • 14 Essential Vitamins
  • 14 Essential Minerals
  • Essential Fatty Acids: Omega 3, Omega 6
  • Fiber (not essential, but no one gets enough)
  • Excellent Source of Protein, 25 of 28 Vitamins & Minerals, and Fiber
No Bad Stuff
  • No Chemical Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • No High Heat Processing
  • No Trans-fats, Hydrogenated Oil
  • No MSG
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup

Just change one meal a day, and you are well on your way to getting your required essential nutrients - the right ones, the right amount, and in the right balance. You'll achieve something called satiety state and your body and mind will respond immediately and this is the start of changing your wellness, your health, your life.

We have launched a revolution that will shake up the world. Delivering 43 Essential Nutrients is the most important thing we can do for mankind. We're all in, and we hope you will join our Yevolution.

Get Your 43 Essential Nutrients and Take Control of Your Life

43 for Kids

The right nutrition can change a life. Most children do not get the nutrition that they need every day - and it's crucial to the development of their bodies and minds. Our charitable organization is here to make a difference in kid's lives, we are here to offer a solution - making sure kids get the 43 Essential Nutrients.

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